Best Ever Anzac Biscuits

Or at least that’s what my bowl tells me…

Anzac Biscuits

And actually I’ve modified this recipe to make them even better.

I couldn’t quite bring myself to add so!much!sugar, so I normally reduce the cup of sugar to 3/4 of a cup (every little bit helps). And unless you like them extra crispy, cooking for 20 minutes in my oven is far far too long. At 160 degrees in a non-fan-forced oven, my biscuits take about 15 minutes (it’s about 12 minutes in a fan-forced oven). If you have two trays, set the time for 10 minutes, and then swap them over for the final five. You’ll notice that there are no directions for the size of the biscuit dough balls (gasp!). A generous dessert spoon of dough makes an approximately 1 inch ball,  which in turn makes a biscuit that is generous but not excessive (remember – you can always eat more than one!)

Anzac Biscuits Anzac Biscuits Anzac BIscuits

To be fair I am not such an Anzac Biscuit connoisseur to be able to define these as Best Ever. However I often have all the ingredients on hand, which means whipping up a batch for unexpected visitors is very quick and easy, and they never last long.


Chicken and Mango Salad wih a Chilli Lime Dressing

My two chili plants are going great guns at the moment.


So we’re taking advantage and make recipes with fresh chili. This chicken salad is very very similar to Nigella Lawson’s Golden Jubilee Chicken (which I blogged abut when I turned into a sandwich filling), but is a bit simpler. Both are delicious but I guess this one is the one I’m more likely to have the ingredients for in my pantry…

For two people you need:

2 tbsp olive oil
juice of 1 lime (or 2 tbsp of lime-juice-from-a-bottle)
small handful of fresh coriander (or a dessertspoon of coriander-from-a-jar*)
1 medium chilli chopped finely (and also seeded if you want it a little less spicy).

Mixed salad leaves, or lettuce of your choice – as much as you’d like
1 large mango
1 chicken breast

Mix oil, lime juice, coriander and chilli and set to one side. Season and pan fry the chicken breast until cooked, and then slice diagonally. Peel and dice the mango.
Divide the salad leaves between two plates and top with mango and chicken slices. Drizzle over the dressing to serve.

* We like Valcom Minced Coriander, rather than (for example) the Gourmet Garden Coriander-in-a-tube. It’s not quite so beautifully green, but it doesn’t have the weird aftertaste either…

Chocolate-dipped Coconut Macaroons

Christmas/Hanukkah Gifts: Coconut Macaroons

So recently I was looking for a recipe that was +gluten free +dairy free +lowfat (sort of) +hanukkah-ish (if possible – or at least not too christmass-y) and, through the magic of googling, got interested in coconut macaroons. Now there are many coconut macaroon recipes out there, but in the end I decided on these chocolate dipped ones, as they really are just egg, coconut and sugar (and chocolate).  They are also very easy to make and YUM!

Christmas/Hanukkah Gifts: Coconut Macaroons

A few notes on the recipe:

I have never heard of sweetened shredded coconut, so just mixed in some icing sugar in addition to the granulated (castor) sugar, to taste.

The recipe somewhat jumps the shark toward the end,  by not giving the amount of chocolate required for melting and dipping, but instead including a chocolate ganache step which seems entirely unrelated to the rest of the recipe. I just melted what I thought was enough chocolate (~80-100g) for dipping, and then melted a bit more when it turned out I needed it.  For the record, I have no problem using a microwave for chocolate melting.

While the vanilla was nice, another recipe I have since misplaced suggested adding lemon rind, and I may well do that if I  make them again for a lemony kick.

Also?  I doubled the recipe and only ended up with about 4 extra macaroons compared to what the recipes says.  I assume mine were giant sized (they seemed ok to me…)

Spiced Mango Chutney 2011

Christmas Gifts: Mango Chutney
So two years ago I made Spiced Mango Chutney, got very positive feedback from those I gave it to, and I’ve been fondly thinking of it ever since. Time to make some more! This year we elected to cook it in the slow cooker on low heat, for about 10 hours, used dark brown sugar instead of light brown (it’s what we had),  and tried adding some mustard seeds in pace of the nigella. We still had some of the plastic preserving jars last over to use,  but this time we didn’t try sterilising them (which lead to jar melting last time), but just spooned it in once it had cooled a bit. To be honest we eat the chutney so quickly,  you don’t really need to preserve, just keep it in the fridge.

And it’s still fabulous with sharp cheddar cheese on a corn thin. Mmmm… corn thins…

Wings, not Wyngz

Wings, not Wyngz

I have not had wyngz,  but have been fascinated by them,  ever since I saw this Colbert Report segment on them.  Anyway,  we made wings this weekend, using this tried and true recipe from Simply Recipes:

They are messy,  but delicious.

(Yes,  I realise this recipe is for savory chicken drummettes, but I have used it on wings many a time and it’s fine.  Last night I used the proportions quoted* on 1.5 kg wings (equal to 11 wings)  and it was plenty.  I marinated for about 2 hours and probably cooked for a similar amount of time, though to be honest I don’t remember!!  Just cook ’em til they’re done.)

*I used the proportions quoted,  but I didn’t actually *measure* any of them, it was all by eye.  Cos measuring would be crazy!!