The Annual* Pantry Clean Out

Clean Pantry

So today has been the annual* pantry clean out – not only to clean the shelves and reorganise things, but also a great opportunity to identify all the unusual ingredients I couldn’t help but buy, but have not managed to incorporate into my diet on a regular basis (or, in some cases, ever!) I decided to make a list of them, and then try and tick them off, by finding dishes that I can make with them – ideally on a regular basis. So, in order of pulling them out of the pantry, here’s my list of ingredients I’d like to cook with or consume this year, cos I already have them. Please feel free to suggest things I can try out!

red quinoa: recipe
glutinous rice: recipe
glutinous rice flour
tapioca starch
pomegranate molasses
candlenuts: recipe

Spider on the Rose

nutmeg (whole)
dried procini mushrooms
chana dal (+ yellow split peas)
Oregon trail sourdough bread starter
chickpea flour
dried kidney beans
Ginjinha (Portuguese cherry liqueur)
pandan leaves
Panko bread crumbs: recipe
wonton wrappers

Also,  check out this spider who was living amongst the Rose! No sure where he is now. I took the photo,  left the bottle on the kitchen bench, and he was gone by the time I came back to dust off the bottle…

*I say annual, but it’s the first time I remember doing it, although to be fair we’ve only lived here for about 15 months. Anyway, lets be optimistic and call it annual.


6 thoughts on “The Annual* Pantry Clean Out

  1. Barberries go very well with red quinoa.

    If you find yourself with too much chickpea flour after trying it, swap a little of it for a little plain flour each time you bake bread, as the higher protein content can help the texture (though using only chickpea flour in a standard loaf doesn’t work that well).

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