Restaurant Review: Greenhouse

100 St Georges Tc
Perth, WA 6000
08 9481 8333

I’ve been wanting to go to Greenhouse for aaages, but it’s smack bang in the city, it’s not open on Sunday for brunch and, for whatever reason, it just never happened – until last night. And it turns out Saturday night at that end of town is a good time to go. Parking becomes free, and there is no problem getting a table if you can get there early-ish (tho there did seem to be a line of people waiting later in the evening).

Greenhouse has a pretty interesting list of cocktails, but I was driving so stayed sober with the earl grey lemon iced tea, which was was refreshing, not too sweet, but a little lacking in earl-y grey-ness (oh well). The food is tapas style, and our table of 6 split into 3 vege diners and 3 meat eaters (I was on the meat side, tho to be fair the vege dishes looked very appetising!). My favorite savory dishes were the pizza (of the day) – cherry tomato and the most delicious pancetta, on a thin but dense pizza crsut, and the rabbit pie, which was a delightful filo (?) parcel, filled with slow cooked rabbit, topped a cinnamonn-y flour, and served with labneh. I would have never though to put such varying tastes together, but it worked beautifully, and was so interesting (I love interesting food). The beef belly was the most disappointing dish – last to the table and not really what we were expecting, as it looked more like slow cooked ribs. The meat was very tender and tasty, but the dish lacked the wow factor of other dishes.

However, the highlight of the meal was probably the dish we almost didn’t order – dessert – the cherry and rhubarb bread pudding. It came with it’s own little jar of creme anglais (or similar). We shared between three, and it was just the right amount of dense wholemeal bread and punchy cherry and rhubarb. To be honest, I’d probably return just for the pudding.

Greenhouse is reasonably expensive for the portion sizes you get, but the quality of the food is excellent and it is pretty different to the usual Perth restaurant experience. I’m not sure I loved it, but I’d definitely recommend trying it at least once.

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