(Thai??) Green Curry Paste

Making thai green curry paste goes something like this:

Thai Green Curry Paste Thai Green Curry Paste Thai Green Curry

Step one. Collect Spices. Step two. (mumble mumble mumble). Step three. Profit!

This dish is a rough approximation of the green curry and crispy chicken that Jamie Oliver made on one of the episodes of his show Thirty Minute Meals. It’s a rough approximation because  I typed out basic instructions on my laptop about 3 months ago whilst watching the program, and then didn’t look at it again until yesterday (when I actually attempted the dish).  There were lots of details missing, particularly amounts of ingredients and some of the cooking steps. I have not checked to see how accurate a representation this is of a Thai green curry ( hence the question marks).  Still, here’s what I did:

Green Curry Paste

2 garlic cloves, peeled
2 small stalks trimmed lemon grass, slightly bruised (from my garden!_
1 red chilli, sliced in half (also from my garden – could have probably gone to two)
1 bunch of spring onions bunch trimmed and chopped into inch long pieces
1 bunch coriander stalks
2 cm ginger
juice of 1 lime (or a couple of tablespoons from a bottle)

Process the spices in a blender until the form a rough paste.  Then add:

2 tbsp of oil (I used peanut)
1 tsp of sesame oil
2 tbsp of fish sauce

Process some more and you have enough thai green curry paste for 2 lots of the following:

Crispy Chicken

Season ~ 500 g of skinless chicken thighs and then pan fry them on a medium heat until they are beginning to brown. Add one tbsp of the curry paste, coat the chicken pieces and turn the heat to low and cook for about 5 minutes. Add about 1 tbsp of honey, coat the pieces and continue to cook on low heat until the curry is done

Green Curry

Add 2 tbsp of the curry paste to a sauce pan and cook on medium for a couple of minutes. Add ~ 3 cups of chopped vegetables (in our case it was sliced carrots and frozen brocoli), then add a tin of coconut cream and a cup of vegetable or chicken stock (note this made the curry quite watery so next time I might cut this down next time or serve with rice to mop up). Cook for ~ 10 minutes or until the sauce has thickened. At the end add ~ 1 dessert spoon of brown sugar ( or palm sugar if you have it), plu more lime juice nad fish sauce to taste. SErve the crispy chicken on a serving of green curry, and scatter with coriander leaves. Enjoy!!

Now,  as it turns out, Jamie has the recipes for the whole episode online (which I only just found),  so maybe you want to follow that instead.  However, my version is pretty good…


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