Easy Yoghurt Cake

Yoghurt Cake with Orange Icing

So yoghurt cake sounds a bit weird, but it’s actually quite tasty – and pretty light too.  And the best thing about this cake?  You don’t need any other measuring device other than a teaspoon!  Everything else it measured out with the pot of yoghurt you used.  I used a plain vanilla flavoured yoghurt in my cake,  but I think it would be interesting to make this cake with a pot of fruit yoghurt too.

1 pot of yoghurt (then use the pot to measure everything)
3 eggs
1 pot of sugar
3 pots of flour
1 pot of oil (or melted butter)
1 teaspoon of baking powder

Mix all the ingredients together, spoon the mixture in to a greased and prepared cake tin, and bake around 20 min at 180°.

For the icing, I decided to go with orange flavoured icing, mixing icing sugar with a tiny bit of orange juice and the zest from an orange, which gave the cake a fresh edge.


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