Chocolate-dipped Coconut Macaroons

Christmas/Hanukkah Gifts: Coconut Macaroons

So recently I was looking for a recipe that was +gluten free +dairy free +lowfat (sort of) +hanukkah-ish (if possible – or at least not too christmass-y) and, through the magic of googling, got interested in coconut macaroons. Now there are many coconut macaroon recipes out there, but in the end I decided on these chocolate dipped ones, as they really are just egg, coconut and sugar (and chocolate).  They are also very easy to make and YUM!

Christmas/Hanukkah Gifts: Coconut Macaroons

A few notes on the recipe:

I have never heard of sweetened shredded coconut, so just mixed in some icing sugar in addition to the granulated (castor) sugar, to taste.

The recipe somewhat jumps the shark toward the end,  by not giving the amount of chocolate required for melting and dipping, but instead including a chocolate ganache step which seems entirely unrelated to the rest of the recipe. I just melted what I thought was enough chocolate (~80-100g) for dipping, and then melted a bit more when it turned out I needed it.  For the record, I have no problem using a microwave for chocolate melting.

While the vanilla was nice, another recipe I have since misplaced suggested adding lemon rind, and I may well do that if I  make them again for a lemony kick.

Also?  I doubled the recipe and only ended up with about 4 extra macaroons compared to what the recipes says.  I assume mine were giant sized (they seemed ok to me…)


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