Review: Lunch at Little Stove

Little StoveLittle Stove
08 9319 9811
Shop 97, 103 Harris St Map
Bicton, WA 6157

Little Stove was an unexpected find in the wilds of Bicton suburbia (well, ok,  I found it through Urbanspoon). The cafe is fairly large, airy and quite funky.  It has two huuuge blackboards, filled with a coffee and tea options, and a pretty interesting looking lunch menu (and a breakfast menu too, I understand,  but I didn’t see that). I wanted to *love* Little Stove because of the atmosphere, but unfortunately, the food was missing a certain wow factor and was also on the expensive side.

Little Stove

My green myrtle tea was refreshing (quite lemongrassy) and scored points on the unusual factor – probably the highlight of what I ordered. However, my latte was average, and my roast vegetable quiche was a bit low on roast veges (and while the egg component was creamy, it was quite bland. pastry was not bad.).

The BF enjoyed his lamb burger (apparently the relish was very good),  but the berry milkshake was all milk and not much berry.  If Little Stove was my local cafe,  I may well be back a lot.  However,  given there are better options in closer to me, I probably won’t…

Little Stove Little Stove

Little Stove on Urbanspoon


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