Brunch at the Wild Poppy Cafe

Wild Poppy is a lovely, spacious and eclectic cafe outside the heart of Fremantle. Aside from the lovingly mis-matched crockery and decor (check out my teapot – it was ginormous!!), by far the highlight of the brunch was my chorizo omlette. I’m still not sure whether I was pleased or annoyed that it came with a healthy serving of garlic bread – I picked the omlette in part because I thought it would be carb-light. However, there’s no denying that the garlic bread was totally delicious (and yes I did eat it all). The Wild Poppy menu had a number of unusual breakfast selections, including a black rice pudding that my friend raved about, plus more standard eggs and bacon fare. I didn’t try the coffee, but the earl grey tea was good. Prices were fairly standard for Perth (i.e. not cheap), however the quality of the food is very good and I would happily eat at Wild Poppy again. Very much recommended!

Chorizo Omlette at Wild Poppy Cafe Earl Grey at Wild Poppy Cafe

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One thought on “Brunch at the Wild Poppy Cafe

  1. I certainly would have trouble resisting that garlic bread… The whole dish looks delicious!
    I am going to be in Perth from Dec 11-15, but I don’t think that I’ll have the chance to get to Freo for brekky (I would love to check this place out!) because I’ll be in the CBD at a conference the whole time 😦 Unless I stay in Freo… hmm..

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