More Recent Baking

Raspberry and Coconut Loaf

Apparently I’ve been doing a bit of entertaining recently (actually it was one afternoon tea at my place, and one at a friends). Here a few things I’ve made in the last few weeks.

This Coconut Raspberry Loaf is moist, delish and diary free ( it does have an egg in it), with coconut milk replacing all milk and butter. Since goign to Hawaii,  I’ve started using a lot more coconut, or at least become more much more aware that I’m using it.  It gives me fond memories  🙂

Guacamole Muffins

A desire to make a baked treat which invovled avocado, lead me to this Guacamole Scones recipe. though I really think their muffins.  I went mini size and easy on the chili because there were kids present (though lets face it – they totally just went for the chocolate!).  I would amp up the chili and perhaps use a sharper cheese (perhaps parmesan?) to give these a bit more bite, but the avocado still worked remarkably well.

Black Forest Cake Cupcakes
And, finally these black forest cake cupcakes ( or muffins), which looked adorable, but to be honest were a little on the dry sides, so I won’t bother typing out the recipe…


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