Another Year, Another Chocolate Cake

Nigella Quadruple Chocolate Cake

For the past four years, I have been serving up a different Nigella ‘Chocolate Cake Hall of Fame’ cake to my BF on his birthday*. This year it was Nigella’s Quadruple Chocolate Loaf Cake – partly because it looked fairly easy (we were somewhat frantically selling a house at this time so I didn’t have the brain power for a complicated cake)  Also? It has four different types of chocolate in it…  In the recipe,  Nigella refers to the cake having a ‘beautiful batter’ – and it so does.  Possibly it’s the inclusion of sour cream, but the batter for this cake was almost better than the final cake!  (Almost). One problem I did have was the chocolate syrup.  I boiled mine down quite a bit and ended up with a fairly hard sugar coating over the cake – it didn’t seem to soak in as it appeared to do in Nigella’s.  Next time I woudl not boil down the syrup so much (or at all).   Also?  Cake took way longer to cook through than Nigella states,  but that might be our oven as it kind of sucks.  Now that we have sold our house,  I may be getting a new oven in the near future  🙂 In any case,  this was a rich chocolatey cake and well worth making again.

Mmmmm…. batter….

Nigella Quadruple Chocolate Cake (Batter)

*There are 15 all up so we have many happy years of chocolate cake ahead of us!


One thought on “Another Year, Another Chocolate Cake

  1. I really liked the slightly crunchy outside of the cake.
    I’m considering making it tomorrow but will probably stick to my standard lemon syrup cake for which I know Ihave all the ingredients

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