Wings, not Wyngz

Wings, not Wyngz

I have not had wyngz,  but have been fascinated by them,  ever since I saw this Colbert Report segment on them.  Anyway,  we made wings this weekend, using this tried and true recipe from Simply Recipes:

They are messy,  but delicious.

(Yes,  I realise this recipe is for savory chicken drummettes, but I have used it on wings many a time and it’s fine.  Last night I used the proportions quoted* on 1.5 kg wings (equal to 11 wings)  and it was plenty.  I marinated for about 2 hours and probably cooked for a similar amount of time, though to be honest I don’t remember!!  Just cook ’em til they’re done.)

*I used the proportions quoted,  but I didn’t actually *measure* any of them, it was all by eye.  Cos measuring would be crazy!!