Ravioli et al

I always forget how much better fresh pasta is than it’s dried counter parts – and really doesn’t take that long.  We made some on the weekend,  using the recipe below,  but substituting some of the plain oil with some sun dried cherry tomatoes and the oil that they’re preserved in.  It gave the past a lovely colour.  We made some fettuccine and lasagna sheets, and brought out the ravioli making machine for only the second time ever (I’ve probably had it 14 odd years) for some stuffed pasta.  It worked ok,  but to be honest I think it’s just as easy to make them by hand ( though cranking them out is kinda fun!)

Pasta Pasta Pasta

Egg Pasta Dough
3 cups bread flour
4 eggs
1 tsp salt (optional)
1 tbsp olive oil (optional)

Sift the flour onto a smooth work surface. Hollow out a well in the top of the mound like a volcano.  Crack the eggs into the well and add salt and oil if desired. Gradually combine with the surrounding flour until all combined. Knead the dough with the heel of your hand, adding more flour if the dough is sticky.  Knead for 5-10 minutes, or use your pasta machine on the widest setting to knead it, by passing it through the rollers until smooth.  (I use the pasta machine – seems much more efficient!!)

Pasta Pasta

Final note:  the most useful book I have on pasta  I bought from Target from the bargain book bin – ‘Pasta:  Sauces and Fillings for All Shapes and Sizes’ by Constance Jones.  (1993 paperback – seems to be out of print now)



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