Review: V Burger Bar

V burger Bar are a new(ish?)  burger joint towards the bottom of the Vic Park cafe strip on Albany Highway. We tried it out because 1) we were in the market for a fast food lunch in Vic Park and 2) we wanted to try something from the Entertainment Book.  V Burger Bar have a good selection of different burgers – including 2 different vege options,  but ultimately neither of us could go past the Pepperizo with chorizo and grilled capsicum.  I *loooved*  the grilled capsicum in this burger – and the chorizo was a great addition too.  The burger was pretty good – not too greasy and overall it was a very satisfying and messy experience (it’s a big burger).   We couldn’t decide between chips and onion rings, so we got both.  The chips were so-so – they had an interesting crsipy coating but were  a little on the cold side and (to be honest) I’d have had a little more salt on them.   The onion rings, however,  were delish! Unlike Hungry Jacks/Burger King,  these were real onion rings – not something that has  been reconstituted into regular rounds.

At $10-$15 (plus ~$5 for chips and a drink) a V burger is probably twice the price or more of an equivalent Hungry Jacks/MacDonalds meal. However, my V burger left me feeling *full*, rather than with a slight sense of shame and cravings for a further sugar/salt/fat fix. I’m not sure how often we’ll be back  for more burgers,  but I suspect V Burger Bar will make it even less likely that we’ll be visiting HJ/Maccas anytime in the near future – and that’s perfectly ok with me!

Details: V Burger Bar, 12/910 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park, 6101. Phone: (08) 9355 3702

Rating: 7/10

V Burger Bar on Urbanspoon


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