The Scones are a Lie

Scones my Arse

This is my pumpkin and date scone dough after I had added (approximately) double the self raising flour to the recipe in an attempt to form a workable scone dough. It was at the point I ran out of extra flour.

The recipe in question was from, who are normally very reliable, though not in this case:

I didn’t even add all the pumpkin and milk I was supposed to, and yet I ended up with batter, not dough. Indeed, if I’d bothered to read the comments I would have found someone who had experienced the exact same problem, and possibly I would  have not added quite so much milk (or perhaps *any* milk, until I had determined whether it was needed). Anyway, I took the advice of Bonnie9683, added a bit more brown sugar and spices, and bunged it in to two loaf tins. Apart from taking much much longer cook than the 15 minutes quoted for the scones, the bread actually turned out very well. Great flavour and I loved the vivid orange of the bread. I’d definitely try this again, just not so much milk this time.

Scones my Arse


2 thoughts on “The Scones are a Lie

  1. I hate it when recipes just don’t work out like that! It’s pretty cool how it still managed to turn out great though =D I wonder….if you hadn’t added extra flour, would it have turned out as a nice cake??

    • I suspect it might have – it was quite cake-like at that stage ( the above photo is after we’d added quite a bit more flour and it was *still* super sticky!)

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