MasterChef’s Fried Masterstock Chicken with Chilli Caramel and Orange Salt

Breaking news: deep fry a chicken and add sufficient quantities of sugar and salt, and the results are indeed delicious…

MasterChef's Masterstock Fried Chicken Orange Salt MasterChef's Masterstock Fried Chicken with Chilli Caramel and Orange Salt

Claire’s MasterChef’s Masterstock Fried Chicken with Chilli Caramel and Orange Salt is the first MasterChef recipe I’ve made (actually technically this was made for me for my BF,  but I helped out) and it  was very yum – sticky and messy but yum.  Perhaps the best part was the chilli caramel.  It’s not many dinners I’ll eat that covered in such a hot, sweet, sticky treat (and to be fair it’s probably just as well).  I’m not a sweet tooth by nature,  but the addition of chilli to the caramel made all the difference

A couple of notes:

  • I’ve reviewed the video and Claire’s masterstock was different! It had whole orange segments and onions in it, whereas the recipe had no onions and orange peel, not segments.  I’m not sure why they needed to change it – was it because the recipe Claire was following was actually one she’d memorised from somewhere else and therefore it had to be changed?
  • Deep frying  half a chicken? Bit of a pain in the arse actually. I think if future,  I’d probably make this with chicken thighs or drumsticks and possibly even just shallow fry it in a pan.
  • OMG! Masterstock!  I’ve read about masterstock in the past, and now that I have one of my very own, I’ll treasure it.  I’m not sure how much chicken poaching I’ll do on a weekly basis,  but for now the stock is safely in the freezer, and at the very worst I’ll be using this pungent liquid for flavoring stir fries or soup.
  • Orange salt is orangey! At first the orange salt just tasted like salt,  but the orange flavor seemed to intensify with time. I do need to find other things to use it on now though….


3 thoughts on “MasterChef’s Fried Masterstock Chicken with Chilli Caramel and Orange Salt

  1. Masterstock is made of win.
    I always freeze some in small portions for stirfries and stuff. Vegetable stirfries enter a whole new level of WOW with master stock instead of plain chicken stock.

    • Yes! Defiinte improvement over normal stock or soy sauce. I also resued a bit of masterstock to poach some chicken breats last week – added a bit more ginger and some chilli and it’s really intersting to see how it has deepened compared to the original

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