Chicken + Beer Can = BFF??

Beer can chicken - before Beer can chicken - done!

Beer Can Chicken.  Yes,  I didn’t quite believe it when I saw it either.  Still within a couple of days of seeing the post on simply recipes, I had my chicken and my beer, and I’d cooked it within a week. My verdict? I can’t deny that the skin on the chicken was some of the crispiest I’ve ever had – and the chicken was some of the moistest, most falling-off-the-bone. Still, for all that,  I really felt there was something missing from the chicken – stuffing.   Stuffing is one of my most favorite things in the world and I missed it here.  The chicken also could have benefited from some additional flavouring .  I’d rubbed the skin with a chipotle rub I picked up in New York last year (which is *fantastic* on kebabs),  but it didn’t seem to make much impact here. If I have to go stuffing-free, I think my favorite method of roasting a chicken remains Nigella’s basic roast chicken where she sticks a half lemon up the chicken’s bottom (see: How To Eat, Basic Roast Chicken Recipe, page 8). The lemon imparts such a lovely *lemony* flavour  – and the juices make a great gravy.

But I love stuffing the best.



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