Review: Hero’s Pizza

I never had a favorite pizza place until we started going to Hero’s Pizza. I probably didn’t eat takeaway pizza more than once or twice a year, until we started going to Hero’s. Now we order there at least once a month, if not a bit more frequently – and it’s by far our most visited takeaway. Hero’s does very nice pizza. The dough is good – light but chewy and not at all stodgy, and the toppings are good quality – certainly much better than the sometimes unrecognisable items you find at other chains!

Hero’s offers a good selection of pizzas, including a lot of standards (a works, a hawaiian, a bbq chicken, a vegetarian, etc), though most of them have a bit of a twist and an appropriately ’superhero-y’ name. In addition Hero’s always has a special ‘pizza of the month’ that is usually more out of the ordinary, and often worth a try. My favorites from he main menu are the ‘The Buzz This Year’ (chicken ceasar), and ‘The Boss’ (sicillian). Special mention to ‘The Herbmeister’ as well, which consists of a full-size pizza base¬† covered with garlic/herbs/maldon sea salt. This is Hero’s version of garlic/herb bread, and far superior IMO.

And then there’s the extras!! Spin the wheel to try and win your pizza free (so far I’ve won a free Herbmeister – see above), collect stamps on your loyalty card, and there are free slushies and retro computer games while you wait. Parking can be a bit tricky, though I’ve only missed out on parking in the car park out front on one occasion (and in that case I just parked up the road a bit on Henley St).

Pizzas generally range from $19-$23. However, if you buy a pizza,¬† you’ll normally receive a text with a $5 off promotion for the special monthly pizza in the next month.¬† Hero’s Pizza are also in the Entertainment Book (2-4-1 in the 2008/09 book, only 25% off in the 2009/10 book), on shop-a-dockets, and currently have a special Monday night promotion that involves your underwear!! (we haven’t tried this one yet).

Details: Hero’s Pizza, Cnr Henley St & Canning Hwy, COMO WA 6152, PH: 9450 4884. (NB: there’s a Wembley store too, but I’ve not been there)

Rating: 9/10

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