Review: Hero’s Pizza

I never had a favorite pizza place until we started going to Hero’s Pizza. I probably didn’t eat takeaway pizza more than once or twice a year, until we started going to Hero’s. Now we order there at least once a month, if not a bit more frequently – and it’s by far our most visited takeaway. Hero’s does very nice pizza. The dough is good – light but chewy and not at all stodgy, and the toppings are good quality – certainly much better than the sometimes unrecognisable items you find at other chains!

Hero’s offers a good selection of pizzas, including a lot of standards (a works, a hawaiian, a bbq chicken, a vegetarian, etc), though most of them have a bit of a twist and an appropriately ’superhero-y’ name. In addition Hero’s always has a special ‘pizza of the month’ that is usually more out of the ordinary, and often worth a try. My favorites from he main menu are the ‘The Buzz This Year’ (chicken ceasar), and ‘The Boss’ (sicillian). Special mention to ‘The Herbmeister’ as well, which consists of a full-size pizza base¬† covered with garlic/herbs/maldon sea salt. This is Hero’s version of garlic/herb bread, and far superior IMO.

And then there’s the extras!! Spin the wheel to try and win your pizza free (so far I’ve won a free Herbmeister – see above), collect stamps on your loyalty card, and there are free slushies and retro computer games while you wait. Parking can be a bit tricky, though I’ve only missed out on parking in the car park out front on one occasion (and in that case I just parked up the road a bit on Henley St).

Pizzas generally range from $19-$23. However, if you buy a pizza,¬† you’ll normally receive a text with a $5 off promotion for the special monthly pizza in the next month.¬† Hero’s Pizza are also in the Entertainment Book (2-4-1 in the 2008/09 book, only 25% off in the 2009/10 book), on shop-a-dockets, and currently have a special Monday night promotion that involves your underwear!! (we haven’t tried this one yet).

Details: Hero’s Pizza, Cnr Henley St & Canning Hwy, COMO WA 6152, PH: 9450 4884. (NB: there’s a Wembley store too, but I’ve not been there)

Rating: 9/10

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Restaurant Review: Shun Fung on the River

Eh. It was ok.

A bit of context. A group of nine of us met up at Shun Fung for a low key work-related networking dinner at 7.30 on a Saturday night. I booked it. Shung Fung was a hasty second choice (based at least in part by the fact it’s in the entertainment book), after my first choice wasn’t available for such a large group. I was a little apprehensive based on poor reviews I found *after* I booked (see here, here, and here) but decided to leave it to fate (particularly as I wasn’t paying!!) and the evening was fine.

We picked a good variety of mains (including steamed greens, beancurd and mushroom crockpot, ginger chicken, garlic prawns, salt and pepper prawns, honey ribs, and sizzling beef). The restaurant was not very full (I’d say 50% at most), and music was ambient and, both these and the round table we were seated on, enabled everyone to be able to talk/hear everyone else, which lead to a very pleasant group conversation.

Mains ranged from ~$17 for the steamed greens to $35 for the prawn dishes. I thought dessert at a uniform $10 a pop was overpriced, even more so when I saw what we ordered (particularly the deep friend rice balls, which turned out to be 3 bullet shaped nuggets, about 4 cm by 2 cm). Still, to be fair, Chinese restaurants are not normally known for their desserts. We were probably asking for it…

All in all, Shun Fung was an ok experience, although nothing about it would particularly tempt me back to try again – there’s better Chinese to be had in Perth.

Details: Shun Fung On the River Chinese Seafood Restaurant, Old Perth Port, Barrack Square Jetty, Perth 6000 WA. Phone: (08) 9221 1868

Service: For some reason, a table of 12 was only allowed to have 2 menus!! (plus the drinks menu). Having thought about it, perhaps this was an artefact: the first couple to arrive were given menus, and then couples who arrived later were not given them, rather than a general sharing-of-menus policy. Still it was a oversight on the restaurant’s part. Service was generally on the slow side (although not to the point of annoying us). They did stagger the arrival of new mains quite well, but they brought the wrong wine when we asked for a second bottle of red, and we had to remind them a few times about the bill.

Food: It was fine. It was nice! It wasn’t *fantastic*. The menu is heavily seafood based, and the best dish ordered was probably the salt and paper prawns. I was a bit worried about vegetarian options, but there were sufficient variety and, actually, the braised tofu and mushroom claypot was also very good (i heart tofu).

Mark-up: The table chose the Madfish Premium White ($37.50), and the Miles to Nowhere Cabernet Merlot ($39.50). I didn’t note the vintage dates on these, but these wines appear to be avaiable for $13$16 and $15$20 respectively. Let’s say there’s an average of 140% mark up – one of the largest mark ups on any restaurant reviewed to date.

The Discount: Shun Fung is in the Entertainment Book, offering 25% off up to $35. The total bill for 9 people was $429.20 ($394.20 with the discount), consisting of ~$125 for drinks, $230 for 9 shared mains and rice, and $75 for jasmine tea and 6 desserts. (I think it would have been better value had we skipped dessert).

Conclusion: Barrack Street Jetty has a lovely view and I’m sure this forms part of the cost, but to be honest, you can’t see that much of the view from inside the restaurant. There is a balcony, but inclement weather on the day we were there meant nobody was seated outside. We had a good meal, but the night was probably made by the company rather than the restaurant. I’m sure many other chinese restaurants around Perth could have also provided reasonable chinese food and a round table to share it from (and possibly at a cheaper price).

Rating: 5/10

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