Chocolate Truffle Cake

Nigella's Chocolate Truffle Cake

This is not this first cake I’ve made from Nigella’s Chocolate Hall of Fame (from ‘Feast’). Both the chocolate orange cake and the chocolate guinness cake have a special place in my heart. I even tried out the chocolate orange cake as gluten free cupcakes, with some success. So when I needed to make another birthday cake, it was an obvious place to start looking. The chocolate truffle cake appealed because it required minimal baking and, well, chocolate? cream? rum? What’s not to like?

For once, I think I stuck pretty close to the recipe. It was amusing baking the meringue, which rose to the top of the of the tin in the oven! But it (as expected) shrunk down pretty quickly once removed, making a fairly thin base for the truffle mixture to go on top. The truffle mixture was easy to mix up, and I think developed in richness as it cooled overnight. I was wary whilst opening the spring form tin, but it was fine (and I didn’t leave it particularly long to lose its chill). I didn’t take the bottom of the tin out before I first served it as I was terrified it would end up a dreadful mess. However, it slipped off the base very easily (though it remained on the baking paper). From the picture, Nigella’s truffle seems to be a bit deeper than mine, which might be because I finished the cake in a rush and much of the bowl scrapings I would have ordinarily included went down the sink :-/ ( but with ~900 g of chocolate and cream already, I didn’t feel too bad about that!)


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Truffle Cake

    • Hehe. To clarify – the cake has 400 g chocolate and 500 g cream – so 900 g altogether (which I reckon is still a *lot* :-D)

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