From the garden: potatoes

I planted some Delaware seed potatoes way back in late August and only dug up my first crop about two weeks ago:


Now, they look fairly big in this photo, but in the interest of journalistic integrity, here a comparison to store-bought new potatoes.  Mine are generally smaller, and – er – less round (although to be fair I’m not sure what variety of potatoes the store ones are).

The potatoes pictured above ended up  in a potato, pea and spinach salad to accompany some parmesan chicken – both out of a recent issue of Australian Good Food.

Parmesan chicken and potato salad

The parmesan chicken was good and easy.  Skinless chicken breast fillets (mine were pretty big, so I cut them in thirds)  are dipped in beaten egg and then in grated parmesan cheese.  They’re cooked under the grill (about 10 cm away) for about 10 minutes on each side or until the cheese is crisp and golden. The chicken was pretty yum, though I might experiment with adding herbs to the grated cheese next time I make it. The salad comprised cubed potoes – skin on and boiled, with frozen peas added in the last three minutes.  The hot veges were then mixed with fresh spinach, salt, pepper, a bit of olive oil and some white balsamic vinegar.  I was worried the salad was going to be a bit bland so I added some lime basil (also from the garden) but, TBH, even with this the salad was a bit humdrum. However, I added a dash of lemon juice to the leftovers and had them for lunch the next day and it was delicious. I think adding a bit of lemon juice and zest to the original would have really brightened up the dish and I’d probably do that next time, as I do think the salad has potential for a healthy no-mayonaise potato salad.


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