The Kylie Kwong Drinking Game

Kylie Kwong’s My China is currently screening on ABC on a Friday night. It’s better than most things on at 8pm and I’ve watched at least the last three episodes.

Now, I’d love any show that regularly features dumplings and it has been good to see bits of China that I visited myself 10 years ago.  However,  I do find Kylie a bit odd. Can she speak Chinese?  She almost always uses English, but has no obvious translator when people speak to her. Her penchant for the same flavourings in almost every dish she creates (ginger, garlic, soy sauce, chinese cooking wine, sugar, sesame oil and spring onions) is making me wonder whether they can be as authentic as she claims (surely Chinese cooking has more variety than this!?) Finally, there’s her adjectives, which is where the drinking comes in to it. If you were to down a shot every time Kylie says beautiful, you would be quite legless in less than half the episode (last week she said it 19 times, this week 17 only). You could also include extra shots for absolutely, delicious, and amazing(ly), though these occur much less frequently.

(I did think that this would be the first Kylie Kwong drinking game to be suggested, but it looks like it’s not 🙂


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