Sushi for Christmas

I’ll admit now that I went a little bit over the top with the Christmas sushi.  What started as the idea to make a couple of smoked salmon rolls turned into a production that made us ~ 2 hours late for Xmas dinner (not that anyone was counting) and left the kitchen… a bit messy… Personally, I blame the library. For it was the library that lent me two books that fueled my sushi making ambition: Easy Sushi Rolls and Miso Soups by Fiona Smith and Sushi and sashimi by Yasuko Fukuoka

(I now recommend these books  🙂

Christmas sushi Christmas sushi Christmas sushi

We mostly made futo-maki (big multi-ingredient rolls) and hoso-maki ( single ingredient rolls).  However we also made (visually spectacular and still pretty easy) battleship sushi (gunkan maki) and tried our hand at one roll of insideout sushi (uramaki – ours were avocado with chives and cashews), which looked a mess at the time but came out pretty well in the end. A personal highlight for me were the inari sushi –  I’d bought a packet of these fried tofu pockets a few months ago and not got round to trying them out (partly becasue all instruction was in japanese!)  After poaching,  the pockets were filled with a mixture of rice and toasted sesame seeds and, while several people likened them to bread rolls from McDonalds (they’re quite sweet),  I really liked them!

While most sushi I’ve made in the past has used freshly cut ingredients, several of the rolls we made included marination – particularly the asparagus and avocado rolls. I was really impressed with the added flavour from doing this, and it’s something I’ll be doing again.

A good part of the presentation is in the cutting of the roll  and I was very lucky to have help in this department.  I’m pretty sure my cutting would not have been so careful or so neat. Altogether we made 80 pieces of sushi.  Overkill definitely,  but it did look very pretty when done and more than one person asked if we’d bought them.  Still, for future catering I’d probably consider a)  preparing the rice *well* ahead of time and b) making more rolls of fewer varieties. Cos, you know, two hours late is quite late  🙂

Christmas sushi


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