Finally Bottled

You may remember I started a vat of homebrew in late November (the 30th to be precise). I was hoping it’d be ready for Christmas – a week or so fermenting, a couple of weeks bottled, and it could have been ready in time (if not really matured). However, it was not to be – not by a long shot. This brew spent a full four weeks fermenting. TBH,  I’ve never seen anything like it. Very little happened in the first week – and I was a bit worried there was something wrong.  However, it started bubbling vigorously in the second week and it kept that up until a few days ago, when it finally slowed. I kept an eye on the specific gravity  and, while it did go down,  it was the slowest I’ve ever seen and the brew remained very sweet until the final measure. Bubbling finally started slowing in the last few days, and after attending to various Xmas commitments, we found time to bottle last night (and it was definitely done by then). I took a quick test sip and I think it seems promising, although not particularly spicy – time will tell.

Anyway, let us spend a few minutes appreciating the newly bottled beer…

Finally bottled

Thanks to a monster spreadsheet Russ sent me,  I can tell you the beer is ~5.5% (v/v) alcohol and my 29 x 750 mL longnecks represent 94.3 standard drinks. Not to be drunk all at once  🙂


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