Beer for Christmas

I’ve been homebrewing intermittently for about 6 or 7 years. Very intermittently for the most part – I was living in the UK for a good chunk of this time and was limited to a single brew a year when back in Perth for my holidays. I’ve now been back in Perth for good for almost 18 months, however,  and I still haven’t got round to it!

Anyway, with the imminent approach of Christmas, and just enough time to get a brew ready for the holidays,  I finally got my act together and brewed some beer yesterday.

Homebrew: Adding the water

(This is an action shot of me adding the ~20L cold water).

I am not hard core. I buy a beermaking kit, add sugar and water and then wait to bottle. My Dad has stories of boiling hops and such and, while I’d like to try it in theory,  I don’t imagine I’ll ever get around to it. Still, it was very appropriate that this post was made on Boing Boing a few days before I brewed. Homebrew is different every time you make it. As well as getting supremely cheap beer, it’s a surprise as well – not just for each batch, but within each batch too, as the beer matures in its bottles.  This time I’m making Cascade Spicy Ghost Draught. However, instead of adding 1 kg white sugar,  I’ve used 170g golden sugar, 330g brown sugar, and the rest white.  Because I could  🙂 This has upped the specific gravity from an expected 1040 to 1050, though I don’t think that’s necessarily due to extra sugar. I’ll see what it gets down to as it brews.

Homebrew: Specific GRavity

The beer is producing gas now and I expect it to be bubbling nicely over the next few days. Hopefully I’ll bottle next weekend and then we can all enjoy homebrew for Christmas! (Well I can  🙂


6 thoughts on “Beer for Christmas

  1. you must come visit and try some of my vintage brews — haven’t brewed for 4 or 5 years but have some stocks would love to try.

    Might look at getting back to the brewing in the new year, or might make a brew for new year’s. last time i brewed things got a bit mad, and production far outstripped consumption.

  2. Hehe.

    We’ve always been limited by bottles – I think we used to have two whoel sets of 750 mL but with attrition we’ve onyl just got over 30. THe longest I think my beers has lasted was a 2 year old stout (which I think was my 2nd batch). I’d love to try 4/5 yo brews!!!

  3. With the specific gravity, iirc this can also be influenced by temperature. I used to have an excel spreadsheet that worked all this stuff out for me.

  4. I never got the specific gravity readings when I was brewing. I just gave up and ignored them in the end.
    I should get back into it, my brother brews now, so I gave a lot of stuff to him,b ut I still have bottles and heating cables.

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