The fourth stage of lamb: leftovers

So after last weekend,  there were obviously lamb leftovers, and we obviously ate them.  Some of the lamb was eaten adhoc – off the bone or in sourdough sandwiches with feta and olive spread (yum!).  Some of it was eaten in delicious but fairly standard salads (tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce – it kept me in lunch for a couple of days at least) and some of it was turned into lamb cous cous:

Lamb cous cous

I actually got the idea for lamb cous cous from a free food magazine from Coles.  Serendipitously, the mag had a double page spread on using left over lamb! Their idea of cous cous, however,  was not to my liking: make up the cous cous, as per packet instructions but with orange juice, and then garnish with lamb and red onion (raw – i don’t like raw onion).  My cous cous started by frying up caremelized onion and lamb in a saucepan,  then adding red capsicum, apple, cous cous (duh) and morrocan spices (McCormick mild chermoula style). I might have used orange juice for the liquid (otherwise I  used water), but to be honest I can’t remember (It sounds like a good idea to me now). I really like cous cous when it has a sweet edge to it – and the apple delivered that well.  I had considered adding dates as well, but I now think that might have been overkill.


2 thoughts on “The fourth stage of lamb: leftovers

  1. I made lamb cous cous a couple of weeks ago from a recipe from the cookbook N got me for Christmas. My recipe started with making lamb stock (a 6-hour process), then proceeded to slow cooking lamb shanks in the stock (several more hours), then shredding the lamb, cooking pearl cous cous in more of the stock, adding the lamb, fennel and pomegranate and spices. It was yummy, but not worth*quite* that much effort. But pomegranate and lamb seems a good combination.

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