Cabbage Salad (And I don't mean coleslaw)

I really don’t like coleslaw.  Actually, to be fair,  it’s been such a long time since I had coleslaw that it is conceivable that I would like it if I tried it. However,  I’m not planning to try it because in my mind,  I don’t like coleslaw.

However,  I love this salad:

Cabbage Salad

This cabbage salad is delicious!  And very easy to make too.  I guess, technically,  it could be called an Asian coleslaw – and that’s fine if you want to go that way. I’m not sure,  but I may have made this recipe up – which is not to say that it’s completely new and original because I’m sure others have made similar.  However, I checked last night and the place where I thought I got the recipe does not have anything even remotely resembling it. Anyway, did I mention this was very easy? The bowl I made up last night included:

1 large carrot, grated (to be fair it probably could have had a bit more),

About 1/4 red cabbage shredded

1 large is red capsicum, finely sliced

A couple of handfuls of bean shoots

This was mixed with a few splashes of sesame oil, a dessert spoon of sesame seeds, and as much soy sayuce as you want. I’d probably rate this as the deluxe version – I’ve made an approximation with just the carrot and cabbage in the past and that’s fine too (though I do love the combination of purple, orange, red and white here). Cashews make a nice addition too, if you have them (I often do that for lunch). Last night we had this salad alongside some really lovely steak – our first barbecue of the season!


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