Useful things to do with leftover risotto #43


I’ve considered doing these for entertaining purposes on a couple of occasions (they sound fun!)  but the idea of rolling! flouring! crumbing! deep frying! just seems like too much effort. However when I found myself on Friday night with leftover risotto*, and people coming over Saturday,  I started thinking of ways to feed my guest’s my leftover dinner – surely there’s some way to make these without deep frying!

And, of course, there is. A quick google search led me to come across this page,  where arancini are pan fried after being coated in flour (so no breadcrumbing either).  I took this as my model,  got myself some provolone dolce (in absence of good mozzarella), and set up a workstation that produce a dozen odd arancini ready for frying in 5-10 minutes. Easy peasy!


Now, I don’t know how traditional these are – nor did they stay very round. I suspect the bread crumbing and deep frying are needed for that.  But they were delicious, particularly hot from the pan – and the perfect excuse to make double quantities of risotto from now on.

*A fairly simple,  but delicious butternut pumpkin risotto using onion, garlic, chicken stock and parmesan.  And rice.


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