The Three Stages of Lamb

Lamb - ready to go Lamb - park cooked Lamb - finished
When entertaining friends last night,  I decided to do a roast. I don’t normally roast.  Indeed,  I’m not sure I’ve actually roasted anything other than a chicken before!  (Actually I’ve done duck – change that to poultry).

Part of my inspriation to try lamb was Gordon Ramsay’s Cider and Honey Roast Leg of Lamb, in October 2008 Edition of Austrlian Good Food.  It seemed easy, and a bit different, given the absence of mint or rosemary.  Here’s the recipe. I used sundowner apples and Mercury Special Dry Cider. THe main point of issue I had was the difference in suggested cooking times between Gordon (12-15 minutes per 450g) and the instructions on the leg I bought (30-35 mins per 500 g).  I started out following Gordon’s adivce, which for a 1.7 kg joint was just under an hour. I reckon all up it was cooking for 1 hr 20, about 24 mins per 500g. The meat was still on the rare side – really delicious but I probably wouldn’t have wanted it any rarer.

For sides we had crispy baked new potatoes (skin on), and steamed carrot, courgette (zucchini) and button squash. A good time was had by all.


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