Cash and Carry: A Magical Fairytale Land

Have you ever looked in the fridge and wished that you had more food? Say, for example, a 25L bucket of mayonnaise? Or 3L of fine quality french mustard?


Actually neither had I – that is until I visited the hallowed halls of Cash and Carry WA!

Cash and Carry is a wholesale food store, with stores in Canning Vale, Balcatta and Bunbury. However,  while they do have the giant (seriously) 25 L tubs of mayonnaise and such, they also have aisle and aisles of normal sized groceries and most at prices cheaper than what you would pay in the supermarket.*

No veges, but they had a small but quality section of meat, a huge selection of frozen foods and, i think, very good value prices on washing powder and the like.

Now, normally you need some sort of card or membership to be able to shop at Cash and Carry.  I’m not sure of the details. However, if you are an RAC member, you can use your RAC card to get in too.  This is how I got in and, indeed, how I found out about it.

We managed to spend 2 hours in the store (it *is* Bunnings Warehouse scale), and about $200. The largest scale I went was a 2.5 kg jar of polish sauerkraut for my father, though I was seriously swayed by the 3kg mustard (I went for 2 normal size jars in the end.)

I am almost certain we’ll be back before Christmas to stock up – they had a pretty good selection of Christmas paraphernalia – not to mention a giant cool room full of hams.  The experience has also left me with the serious desire to do some large scale catering so I can buy some of the ridiculous sized tins. I need to have a party!!!


*Though you do need to be careful here.  I reckon that things on special in the supermarket are probably cheaper – and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed by the idea that it’s all so cheap that it’s practically free, as you throw item after item in the trolley


4 thoughts on “Cash and Carry: A Magical Fairytale Land

  1. Love the place – scary but so much fun! My favourite section… oh a toss up between the Walk In Fridge of Cheese and the Walk In Fridge of Chocolate. What a decision!

    I get in with my teachers’ union card 🙂

    Best buy for me: frozen berries at $6-$10/kg

  2. Presumably you go to the Balcatta one?

    Canning Vale has the Walk in Fridge of Cheese (delightful, diverting, but so cold!!) but the Chocolate is in an alcove.

    I’ll keep an eye out for the frozen berries 🙂

  3. Also, they usually have an alcohol sale in the three weeks before Christmas where *anyone* with a card can buy booze. You need to buy a minimum of 9 litres, however. This is do-able easily if you buy a carton of beer to begin with…

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