High Fat Chocolate Cakes

And, in the interest of balanced reporting (and because I have pictures), here are two other chocolate cakes I can recommend, both from Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Cake Hall of Fame in Feast.

Chocolate, orange, and gluten free

The Chocolate Orange Cake doesn’t actually have any butter/oil in it (it does have 6 eggs and almond meal though – it’s gluten free), and the use of whole boiled oranges (blended up) makes it seem positively healthy and very moist. I’m still in awe of just how beautifully it rose. Recipe here.

Cake for breakfast

The Chocolate Guinness Cake sounds like a novelty cake, but it’s very good indeed. If you don’t die from cardiac arrest while you watch the butter and sugar melt into the Guinness, the you’ll probably live long enough to enjoy this dense and muddy cake (*really* enjoy). I can confirm that the slices pictured here were eaten for breakfast. Recipe here.


2 thoughts on “High Fat Chocolate Cakes

  1. That looks YUM!

    I’ve made orange & almond cake which is basically this first one without the cocoa. Also reeeaaaally nice, especially with a light sugar syrup boiled up with more grated orange peel. Gooey sweet sticky mess of yum!

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